1. Interview with the Soulful, Honest & Superb Young Master: Marko Slavkovic
















    Marko stands out as an artist with a unique flair and higher wisdom, reflected in all of his digital creations. He makes numerous references to eastern philosophies, ancient cultures, and spirituality that spark the curiosity for more than just a few moments. It’s hard not to fall for his genuine approach to visual arts and the process of self-inquiry, which he inspires as a person and a greatly talented illustrator.     


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  2. Review on microdosing and the speculated positive effects on mental health

    So far, science continues to be inconclusive about the positive effects of microdosing, while in the virtual underworld, we begin to see a whole new denomination for the nootropic practice, coming to be a global trend that glorifies the effects of the program, despite the jarring lack of scientific evidence. People in the biohacking communion are swearing to the benefits of using small doses of hallucinogenic substances to improve their productivity and creativity. So, when it comes down to commiting themselves, who would a first-hand user choose to trust: vague scientific claims or the experienced word of advice from a close friend? 


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  3. The Best Psytrance Festivals & Lineups This Summer 2022

    Even though the festival scene has had a rough couple of years, the psytrance community has grown stronger than ever! So, whatever the weather this 'psy' summer season, we expect to have a full lineup of good music, laughter, and togetherness at the venues or virtually, regardless.


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  4. Erica Robin - Touching Fantasy Art - Connecting the Spectator with their Essential Nature and Ulterior Strengths.


    Welcome to the world of Erica Robin – Artist with a gentle and touching visionary flair - Exquisitely portraying a deeply personal fantasy world, with a surreal display of mystical figures and a subtle breath of human awakening. Her adept but mellow art sends the spectators on a spiritual quest and an inquisitive wonder for deeper belonging to Mother Nature and our true selves.


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  5. The Unmatched Digital Artistry of Kazuhiko Nakamura: Turning Creative Ideas into a Mechanical Sublime.


    It's unlikely that you find digital artworks matching the masterly style of Kazuhiko Nakamura. His mechanical signature is unrepeated, just like the meticulous craft he uses to portray his unimaginable antique creations. Nakamura stirs imaginations and narrates untold stories of the past with his explicitly drawn humanoid creations on digital canvas.


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  6. The Psychedelic Renaissance-Documentary Film De-stigmatizing The Use of Plant Medicines In Therapeutics

    We’re thrilled to be doing in-depth blog coverage on the thought-provoking documentary feature - The Psychedelic Renaissance- intended for release later on in the year. This project points at the underlying problems of the traditional dysfunctional models to treat people whilst revealing the new paradigms of healing in the growing mental health crisis. 


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  7. How Is The Psytrance Festival Scene Looking In 2021 For 10 Of The Most Popular Events?

    Psytrance festivals

    We have collated a list with some of the most spectacular psytrance shows of music & visuals, and the prospects of holding the events in this year. This review is offered as a helping hand when you’re on the lookout for available events and ones worth looking forward to. 



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  8. Conversation With Ed Binkley About His Inimitable Masterly Style as a Fantasy Artist

    Conversation with Fantasy Artist Ed Binkley
















    No introduction is putting well enough the superb talent and feats of the artist that is Ed Binkley.

    If we tried to unfold a bit more to the story behind the artistry of Ed, we should start with his meticulously posited attention to the detail- shown everywhere in the constituent elements of his artworks. Blissfully received on the eye, his high-fantasy drawing creations, mixed with folklore motifs, bring all sorts of visually gratifying experiences, leaving you to wonder of higher reality and outer-world marvels.



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  9. Honest Interview with the Ethereally-Gifted Artist Katia Honour

    "Rosa Divina"

    We are humbled to be featuring one of the most touching psychedelic visionaries, sharing of her transcendental and experiential artistic influences, manifested in the process of deeply elevated devotional painting, she opens up about.

    Katia Honor’s expression on canvas is an intricate reproduction of her spiritually rich awareness for the internal, intertwined with a gasp of visual calm, following from the deep trance state.  Describing herself as etheogen-oriented artist, she is creating beauty in composition, which speaks of gentle personal tranquility, unmasked from the external, but composed purely by her own spiritual nourishing.


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  10. My life with Art and Alchemy - Timea Tallian


    This story is not so much about “me” but about the strange life circumstances that made “me” into an artist. You might already know some of the secrets of how to become an artist but maybe you find a morsel of inspiration in my story.

    My life story is not very linear. I lived a double life, went in circles, had some ups and downs and ended up in the same spot I started out in the first place.


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  11. Happy Magic Mushroom Day 9/20/18


    Today, 9/20, people all of the world are celebrating Psilocybin Awareness Day in honor of a strain of fungus referred to by the late Terence McKenna as “the starborn magic mushroom.” Stropharia cubensis (or psilocybe cubensis), and other species of similar origins, contain the compounds psilocybin and psilocin, which are active hallucinogenic agents that contain the basic indole structure characteristic of most hallucinogens found in nature (with the exception of mescaline, which is structurally similar to amphetamine).


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  12. Eleven Otherworldly Visionary and Ayahuasca Artists You Probably Don’t Know


    In the spirit of creating another access point to connecting to the world of ayahuasca art, I offer a serious disclaimer—the 11 here were very hard to select. There are so many amazing, powerful, and technically skilled visionary artists.


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  13. The New Science of Psychedelics

    Recent studies are finding that drugs such as LSD and psilocybin can help to alleviate depression, anxiety and addiction—and may have profound things to teach us about how the mind works.



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  14. Top 11 Psytrance Festivals For The Ultimate Rave!


    Remember what it’s like to be surrounded by non-stop explosive happiness for a few days?

    So much joy, we forget all our problems, the past, the future. We forget posing and masks, beliefs, and opinions. Because nothing is more important than this continuous moment.
    As we are, together with everybody, alive, breathing, moving, and pulsating. Delaying sleep as long as we can, not to miss another experience, another tear of laughter, another ticklish sound, and another heartbeat. We don’t want to leave the moment (not even for a moment). If you’re an avid fan of psychedelic trance, I’m sure you never have second thoughts about booking a ticket and fly to the most amazing psytrance festivals around the world. Jaw-dropping artwork, trippy backdrops, well-crafted lineups, perfect weather, old and new friends – there are many reasons why one would want to party abroad with the best ambiance for psychedelic music.


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  15. Orange Sunshine

    ORANGE SUNSHINE tells the never-before-told story of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.


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  16. “Trishula” Live Printing

    New Design "Trishula"


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  17. Goa 2016 - Flea Market & Night Bazaar

    Our shop in Goa is open, Come to visit us :

    Wendesday - Flea Market

    Saturday - Night Bazaar



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  18. Holiday Gift Guide

    Our Antsi Monk-Bag is featured in


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  19. New Design Release

     Our new Design line has been released - "Anahata"



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  20. Summer Festivals - Ozora, Lost Theory & Modem !

    Beautiful Summer Festivals Experience! Big Thanks to : Ozora - Festival,
    Lost Theory & Modem!Big Love to all our Fans around the Globe!...


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  21. A brief history of psychedelic culture

    As far back as 1500 B.C. humans have always held the view internally that our
    normal vision of the world is a hallucination dream, a deep imagination...



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  22. Our Brand, Sol - Seed Of Life

    SOL – Seed of Life represents our personal view and message to both the world as
    a whole and to fans of psychedelia in particular. Our clothes speak for themselves...



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  23. Sol - Seed of Life, featured in Mushroom Magazine

    Our brand, Sol- Seed of Life, was featured in "Mushroom Magazine", which is worlds
    leading magazine for Psytrance music & culture, available printed and online...



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