1. Psychedelic Art and Fashion: The Fusion of Aesthetics

    Psychedelic Art and Fashion: The Fusion of Aesthetics

    Step into a world where art and fashion collide in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and mind-altering creativity. Prepare to embark on a memorable journey where vibrant colors collide, and imagination knows no limits. Let's learn more about the aesthetic fusion that exists between psychedelic art and fashion.

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  2. 3D Printed Wearables Bio-Engineered With Bacteria That Can Embed Living Matter

    Neri Oxman and a group of creatives from the MIT mediated matter group in collaboration with Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb have developed a technology to create digitally manufactured wearables with multi-material 3D printing machinery. the project, entitled ‘wanderers: wearables for interplanetary pilgrims’, was introduced as part of ‘the sixth element: exploring the natural beauty of 3D printing’, at Euromold in Frankfurt.

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  3. 5 Festivals Around the World to Tickle Your Fashion Fancy

    The following festivals will tickle your fashion fancy.

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  4. Psychedelic Women Fashion Early days

    It’s absolutely no mystery to anyone that the present touch on the catwalks is truly one
    of escapism, an inducement from another era. In a similar way, one as turbulent as...

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  5. T-shirt Early Days
    In the bеgіnnіng thеrе was an undеrgаrmеnt. Then, it went through several changes 
    and step by step it took the shape of the T-ѕhіrt, that we all know it nowdays...

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