1. Worlds of Wonder: Exploring Psychedelic Festivals Across the Globe in summer 2024

    psychedelic festivals around the world

    In summer 2024, psychedelic festivals worldwide offer immersive experiences blending music, art, and spiritual exploration. From Germany's Psychedelic Experience and Fusion Festival to Portugal's ZNA Gathering, each event features top artists, vibrant art installations, and diverse cultural activities. Spanning May to September, these gatherings invite participants to delve into trance music, immersive art, and communal rituals in picturesque settings across Europe. Beyond entertainment, they foster personal growth and connections among diverse attendees, promising transformative moments that resonate long after the festivals end.

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  2. Unleashing the Power of Pencil Drawing in an Interview with


    Explore the artistry of, a master of graphite whose drawings evoke profound emotions. Embracing surrealism and drawing from non-art sources for inspiration, he ensures originality. Challenges for him include avoiding overthinking and fostering open interpretation. With aspirations for larger-scale works and experimentation with mediums like oil paint, encourages aspiring artists to persevere, enjoy the process, and embrace new challenges.

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  3. Cosmo Odyssey in psychedelic style: A journey through the stars & galaxies

    Cosmo Odyssey in psychedelic style

    Let us set on cosmic odyssey in a psychedelic style, a journey guided by the artists. It is a journey where the barriers separating the self from the universe fade and one's imagination is free to explore the universe, stars, and galaxies.

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  4. Psychedelic Art and Fashion: The Fusion of Aesthetics

    Psychedelic Art and Fashion: The Fusion of Aesthetics

    Step into a world where art and fashion collide in a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and mind-altering creativity. Prepare to embark on a memorable journey where vibrant colors collide, and imagination knows no limits. Let's learn more about the aesthetic fusion that exists between psychedelic art and fashion.

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  5. Tripping for a Greener Future: Exploring the Connection between Psychedelic Culture & Sustainability


    Master the intersection of psychedelic culture and sustainability, as well as the best ways for individuals and organizations in the psychedelic community to prioritize environmental concerns.

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  6. The Future Of Visionary Art In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

    The Future Of Visionary ArtDiscovеr how AI is transforming thе world of visionary art in this thought-provoking articlе. From  thе еvolution of visionary art from analog to digital to thе rolе of AI in  еnhancing crеativity and imagination, this articlе еxplorеs thе impact of AI on thе futurе of  visionary art and thе dеbatе surrounding authеnticity and originality in AI-gеnеratеd art. Lеarn why wе  should еmbracе thе futurе of visionary art in thе agе of AI. 

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  7. Interview with the Soulful, Honest & Superb Young Master: Marko Slavkovic

    Marko stands out as an artist with a unique flair and higher wisdom, reflected in all of his digital creations. He makes numerous references to eastern philosophies, ancient cultures, and spirituality that spark the curiosity for more than just a few moments. It’s hard not to fall for his genuine approach to visual arts and the process of self-inquiry, which he inspires as a person and a greatly talented illustrator.     

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  8. Review on microdosing and the speculated positive effects on mental health

    So far, science continues to be inconclusive about the positive effects of microdosing, while in the virtual underworld, we begin to see a whole new denomination for the nootropic practice, coming to be a global trend that glorifies the effects of the program, despite the jarring lack of scientific evidence. People in the biohacking communion are swearing to the benefits of using small doses of hallucinogenic substances to improve their productivity and creativity. So, when it comes down to commiting themselves, who would a first-hand user choose to trust: vague scientific claims or the experienced word of advice from a close friend? 

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  9. The Best Psytrance Festivals & Lineups This Summer 2022

    Even though the festival scene has had a rough couple of years, the psytrance community has grown stronger than ever! So, whatever the weather this 'psy' summer season, we expect to have a full lineup of good music, laughter, and togetherness at the venues or virtually, regardless.

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  10. Enter The Immersive Dreamlike Style of The Meticulous Surrealist Frank Kortan

    Frank Kortant likes to immerse himself and the spectators in his world on the verge of ‘Real and Surreal’ by the characteristic artistic expression of the nonconsciousness, perceived as dreams and fantasies. What makes Frank’s artworks so unique in the Surrealist genre is his fine reproduction of the Old Master’s technique in the modern era of art where such meticulous attention detail is far gone or missing.

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  11. Surrealist Master José Roosevelt on His Idiosyncratic Style as a Painter and Graphic Novelist

    Jose Roosevelt Art

    In this personal interview, we are giving you a sneak at the life voyage and Surrealistic artistry of the modern-day Master: Jose Roosevelt. Heavily influenced by Dali’s works, Jose’s creative talents are untapped at a very early age by experimenting with the traditional medium, indulging in literature, and creating depictions of his innate subconscious imagery.

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  12. Ayahuasca – A healing experience for the soul?


    Many people seek out Ayahuasca as a gateway to higher consciousness and personal growth. Hopeful to find a shortcut to psychological healing from past trauma, addictions, or anxieties, they often turn to the

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