1. Dennis Konstantin Bax In an Interview About Psychedelic Art and Existential Motifs

    And the Rain will Wash it Away - 2018

    Revolutionary conceptual in the modern psychedelic art movement, Dennis Konstantin Bax brings control, chaos, punk and perfection into his fascinating multi-layered paintings. As a visual artist he does not want his work to to be perceived in a notion, but rather as an expression of change beyond the mere image. 



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  2. Interview with the Artist - Dolce Paganne


    Dolce Paganne a.k.a Ceren Aksungur is an Istanbul origin artist based in Antwerp.

    Artist focus in her surreal drawings on the “sinister” aspect that reside in the details of daily life.


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  3. Interview with the Artist: Voltaine


    Voltaine is a creative project that explores the crossroads of nature, art, technology and the ephemeral. The project was started by Nicholas Mark Ridley in 2019.


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  4. Interview with Awer - Graffiti Artist


    Awer, born in Polignano in a mere 1986, started to paint graffiti around 2000 and in 2005 he moved to Milan where he graduated as graphic designer and art director in New Accademy of Fine Arts and in the meanwhile he started his personal artistic research and he had chance to start with the first exhibitions and commissioned works; he works as freelancer artist and tattooer and is based in Berlin.


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  5. My life with Art and Alchemy - Timea Tallian


    This story is not so much about “me” but about the strange life circumstances that made “me” into an artist. You might already know some of the secrets of how to become an artist but maybe you find a morsel of inspiration in my story.

    My life story is not very linear. I lived a double life, went in circles, had some ups and downs and ended up in the same spot I started out in the first place.


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  6. Interview with the Artist: Natan Lenski a.k.a. MantisMash


    Natan Lenski is an incredible visual artist and musician, better known for his stage name - MantisMash.

    MantisMash project was born somewhere in the end of the 2000's. Blending and Mashing together all the soundscapes that inspire his life, from Psy-Dubby Chill to Psy-Glitchy beats all covered with a layer of spinning fractals, MantisMash’s sound can be mainly describes as ‘Psy-Bass’.


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  7. Interview with Helena Arturaleza

    Helena was born in 1992 in a little village just north of Amsterdam. She has always been a creative spirit; since childhood she found her ways to express through dance, music and painting. Her artistic journey started at age 19 when she was asked to teach Art to her peers during her Media & Design education. Besides she started to receive her first commissions. As a result she skipped art school and started her life as a professional artist. 



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  8. Interview with Autumn Skye

    Born in Nova Scotia, Canadian artist Autumn Skye Morrison is a visionary painter who is well known for her live painting performance at festivals around the world such as Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Boom Festival in Portugal, Unifier Festival in Connecticut, Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia, and Beloved Festival in Oregon, amongst many others. Autumn Skye’s beautiful paintings of sensuous female forms, mystical illuminations, earth goddesses, spiritual rebirth, and connections with nature have appeared in many galleries and shows.



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  9. 39 Psychedelic & Visionary Art Drawings and Paintings

    A new generation of psychedelic artists have emerged in the past ten years who have taken visionary art to a new peak becoming one of the most culturally relevant art forms of our time. Since the dawn of art, artists have attempted to reach and to show what the eyes don’t see, but the inner voice or the soul comprehend. 




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  10. Interview with Torus Energy

    Torus Energy is the alias of Jack Lightfoot, a visionary, designer and multi-disciplined artist from the Uk born in 1992. His work attempts to embody the unification between the human spirit and something higher and infinite, The Imagination being a window into the unlimited and fringe dimensions other than our own.


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  11. Meet The Artist: Julien Lechelle

    Julien Lechelle is a french artist who works with wood and steel to create some amazing sculptures, inspired by natural shapes. He likes working in the nature or in abandoned places where his installations can reveal their true charm after nightfall. This artist is known for his sculptures Protéus and Géonésys which he gladly showcases at festivals.



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  12. Limelight Projection Mapping

    Limelight Projection Mapping has been involved in 3D projection mapping, light painting and light installation since 2006. Regularly invited light festivals worldwide such as the Amsterdam Light Festival or the Skyway International Light Festival in Poland. The award winning A & A Award for Design Award and Competition, Interconnection in 2016 has already earned the largest 3D projection mapping competition, iMapp Bucharest jury and audience prize.



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  13. Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - a surrealist of the young generation

    Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - a Polish painter and surrealist of the young generation.

    In Jasnikowski's paintings you can observe much of Salvadore Dali's influence and other Polish painters such as W. Siudmach, R. Oblinski. Although the subject-matter deals not only with couragous visualisation of every-day problems or general overview of our world on different angles. It also shows an alternative version of the world. 



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  14. Meet The Artist: Mat Coll

    Mat Coll is an artist that creates Psychedelic images created using the DeepStyle method. His artist name and nickname is "Schizo". He is 41 years old and leaving and working in Germany. He says that his favorite culture is the Psychedelic Trance scene for about 25 years. So beside a normal job he tries to live and support this psychedelic lifestyle.



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  15. Meet The Artist: Robert Steven Connett

    Robert Steven Connett  takes his current inspiration from biological forms, both flora and fauna, micro and macro, land and ocean dwelling. Connett uses acrylic paint to portray  dark and bizarre worlds teaming with diminutive life.



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  16. Featured: Daniel Popper | Interactive Installations For The Psyche

    Daniel Popper is a multi disciplinary artist who’s unafraid of a challenge or the seemingly impossible.



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  17. Larger-than-life sculptures by Daniel Popper

    Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist known globally for his interactive art, puppetry, stage design, installation art, and interior design.

    psychedelic visionary art daniel popper


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  18. Meet The Artist: Hakan Hisim

    Hakan Hısım's art is deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of being. His art shows an awe of the natural world, and its beautiful contrast with the alien, transpersonal nature of mystical experiences.

    psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim


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  19. The Visionary Imagery Of Mark Henson

    In his vibrant colored oil paintings he delights in emulating the divine by bringing something out of nothing into its own sense of existence.


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  20. Meet The Artist - Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari

    Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari was born in 1994, on the 20th of February in the city of Pucallpa (or tierra colorada). Craddle of the visionary artist pioneer Pablo Amaringo and of Luis Tamani an emerging talent.


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  21. Do LaB

    Design, build, and nurture festivals and event experiences that inspire authentic connections to ourselves, our community and the environment.


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  22. Astrograf - Graffiti Artist

    Parisian graffiti artist Astro contorts flat architectural facades into illusory vortexes with a vibrant graphic twist.


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  23. The Adventurous Spark (TAS) - Visual Art

     The Adventurous Spark, also known simply as TAS, is a graphic designer, visual artist and VJ from Graz, Austria



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  24. Daniel Mirante

    Fine art specialist, oil and egg tempera painter, teacher at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and independent workshops.



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  25. Visionary Art - Luis Tamani

    Luis presents, through his paintings, his vision of life: We all come from the One and we are all returning to the One.





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