Boom Festival - Summer View


It’s been nearly two years since the last full season of Psytrance festivals, bang-up DJ performances, and positive dance vibes. The impact of COVID-19 on the entire scene has been indisputable but there is hope in sight that this year will be different! The hype for the summer calendar of 2022 is gathering momentum and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed there will be no more last-minute disappointments before the big dates. 

Even though the festival scene has had a rough couple of years, the psytrance community has grown stronger than ever! So, whatever the weather this summer season, we expect to have a full lineup of good music, laughter, and togetherness at all of the psytrance hotspots discussed below. 



Masters of Puppets (July 4 – July 10)


Master of Puppets Stage


There is unmatched creative energy to the Czech festival Master of Puppets, based in the rural mainland where wild nature meets alternative electronic genres for a unique 6-day experience. Some may even say that Master of puppets is not a dance music festival but a general ideology, ingrained with the values of education and transpersonal enrichment of the base community.

The setting of this Festival is nothing less than rustic, wild, and creatively inspiring... There are several stages that create a spirit of connectedness to nature and experimental music for those who appreciate the fast dark beats of alternative psychedelic genres such as hardcore, psycore, hi-tech, and breakcore. That already sounds like an exclusive gathering for the close-knit community of psychedelic music fans that share the love for eclectic music and unite under the spirit of creativity, openness, and soulful transcendental immersion in the heart of nature.

All the proceeds from the tickets sales for Master of Puppets go towards expanding the festival culture, workshops, and local developments. The mission and vision of the organizers is to create a permanent base not far from the festival location, where experimental music fanatics from all around the world can gather together and learn about sustainable agriculture, cultural, ethnobotanical, and other social topics related to mindful and soulful living in balance with nature.

There are dozens of DJs lined up across the three stages: Kodama, Rage, and Psychedelic Dream Temple, who you can look up at the official event’s page. The ticket sale is also open if you consider immersing yourself in a completely new world of experimental electronica and creative self-discovery this summer of 2022!




Natural Setting


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Antaris Project (July 14 – July 18)


Antaris Dance Floor


Believe it or not, the stage of Antaris is one of the oldest ones for Psychedelic and Progressive Trance music in Europe and the world. This year, the organizers are bringing to life the most grandiose gathering of its kind in the iconic airfield location near Dresden, Germany.

There is a lot to say about the Antaris Project in terms of music, venue, visuals, and event culture! The way the main floor is designed and set up, by the most accomplished sound engineer in Germany, gives the stage a unique twist that no other festival can match in terms of sound quality and immersive trance experience. By all means, this makes the venue a preferred location for some of the best DJs in the psychedelic genre and the true fans who are after quality music encounters and an unmistaken festival atmosphere.

In addition to the superb dance floors in the main and alternate stage, Antaris is also not short of chill-out areas, visual performances, and art corners for those who need to break away from the party space. There is also an area for healing where the mind and body can recharge with a vast choice of spiritual activities such as tai chi workshops, yoga, events with Zen guest speakers, massages, sound therapies, and more! The so-called Spiritual Circle is a great place for kids and adults to reconnect with each other and their inner self far away from the hectic rhythms and hyper-social dance areas.

The line-up of the Antaris Project has not been announced yet but the ticket sale is now open for all true trance fans out there! The show this year will be spectacular like any other, so you won’t regret pinning the event into your calendar this summer.



Aerial View Antaris


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Boom festival (July 22 – July 29)



Boom Festival Venue


Boom does not go by the typical definition of a dance music festival…it is in fact way more than that. Every Psytrance fan out there knows of the eclectic electronic event and what makes Boom festival feel a lot more than just a large gathering of the world’s best DJs in the genre. It is everything- from the terrestrial art, otherworldly colors, structures and installations, to the supreme crowd of fans, devoted to the culture of the festival and its spiritual fundaments. 

Unlike other psytrance events, Boom is not restricted to a single-stage or genre of electronic music. Instead, it invites the hypnotic grooves of everything: from bass, glitch, and neo-trance to psy techno, cinematic techno, and “the uncharted” dark progressive rhythms for the die-hard psytrance lovers. The DJ program this year is incredibly versatile and attendees will be lucky to hear some exclusive Boom sets by Aka Nina, Agents of Time, Code Therapy, Rodhad, Eitan Reiter, and a lot more. 

Apart from the spectacular music act, Boom goes also gets to enjoy the immersive art spectacle by a wide range of performers and psychedelic artists. The program this year is already looking lush, with many workshops, installations, acts, and visual displays across the entire week in July.



Boom Festival Decor


If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, may need to look for resellers online since the events have already been sold out! On its 25 anniversary this year, the ticket hunt is likely to be massive, just as the festival organization itself!


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Ozora festival (August 1 – August 7)



Ozora Festival Dancefloor


Without a doubt, in the last 23 years since its origination, Ozora has proven its credentials as being of the best Psytrance festivals in Europe. Many people even prefer to call Ozora a Psychedelic Tribal Gathering rather than a festival because it is the communal spirit of the gathering, making the event so truly unique.

The festival takes place 140km away from Budapest, in one of the most scenic country regions- the Ozorian Valley. This is also where the iconic Main Stage gets set up for the magical 7-day music & art bonanza of color, eclectic trance, and complete transcendental immersion into the nature of the Hungarian wilderness. 

Every year between 2020 when the festival got postponed for the first time, Ozora has been a vibrant melting pot for psychedelic trance DJs from all over the world. The music performance would take place across four other stages in addition to the highlights of the main stage with its clockwork pattern overlay. In 2022, the lineup is looking rather impressive as promised, with some of the biggest names in the psychedelic genre in this day. 



Ozora Community


Psytrance fan should better hold their breath because this year will be huge for electronic acts at Ozora. The main stage of the festival will be pumping along with the beats of Circuse, Nanoplex, Art of Trance, Chambok Housee, Pyramide and hundreds of other DJs across the whole week of the gathering. 


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MoDem Festival (August 8 – August 14)



MoDem Woodland


Wild, tribal, and completely immersive…this is only one way to describe what this summer will feel like at the MoDem festival in Croatia. Set in the stunning natural surroundings of the throbbing forest, the event provides everything to make this into an unforgettable 7 days experience of music, arts, and psychedelic togetherness.

MoDem festival has a very characteristic dark trance vibe due to its situation in the stunning Croatian woodland. If you are a fan of deep underground psychedelic trance and the fast intensive techno rhythm of dark and Forrest trance, this eclectic gathering into nature might be the one for you. The deco of MoDem also sets the tone perfectly by inviting its attendees to a fantasy wonderscape where music, nature, and community merge into one. 

Even though the lineup of MoDem hasn’t been released yet, we are all holding on for a breathtaking lineup of deep dark psychedelic trance DJ artists, such as in the year prior to the pandemic. When you have the beauty of nature, the stunning décor, and cutting-edge visuals typical for MoDem, there is very little room for error concerning what you should expect from the event.



MoDem Visuals


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ZNA (August 15 – August 22)



ZNA Dance Floor


If you are on the lookout for an exclusive psytrance gathering that brings the spirit of old school trance scene in a magical paradise-like location, ZNA is the one for you! This festival has an unmatched spirit that goes beyond the fine organization of the event, its authenticity, and supreme lineup. It’s a gathering that brings the atmosphere of togetherness and reconnection to the roots of trance music with the heartfelt vibrations of the idyllic Portuguese environment…


The abbreviation ZNA does not only sound similar to DNA. There is a whole belief system that the founders of the festival have created to unite all “Zambu” people, who share unique psychedelic genetic information and bring them together on the dance floor to share this unique experience. The program of ZNA is as rich as one can imagine. The main dance ground is situated under a big pine shade and offers a hot list of acts that will make every psytrance lover bounce off the walls with excitement. Some of the most prominent DJs and founders of the genre in the 90s are performing along with local Portuguese names, who are also steadily uprising in the scene. Gus Till, Cosmosis, Infected Mushrooms, Intact Instincts, and Synchro are just a few of many DJs you should expect to see on the main floor.


Along with the upbeat dance areas, there is plenty of more to do if you want to retreat from the busy sites and focus on your personal healing instead. The festival has laid out chilled areas and Zenbuspace where participants can enjoy complete relaxation, therapies, and spiritual activities that will make the whole experience feel truly worthwhile!



Lounge & Activities Area


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Indian Spirit (August 25 - August 29)



Indian Spirit Stage 


In the last week of August, the northwest city of Eldena in Germany is becoming the home of one of the most vibrant Psytrance events across Europe. The theme is warm and enchanting Indian summer vibes in the sound of sublime trance rhythms by some of the best DJs in the world. This colorful flux of music and energy is also magnified by the host performances of jugglers, fire artists, and visual artists, who create an extra immersive experience for the festival-goers into the world of wonder, electric beats, and heart-warming Indian spirit.

This festival in Germany is a landmark event for the Psytrance scene across Europe and it brings between 14,000 and 15,000 people together in recent years. Unlike a lot of other gigs in the genre, Indian spirit took place in 2021 and there are no cancellations of the 2022 program anywhere in sight! The set-up is spread over 4 stages including the Sun and Moonstage where most of the big DJ names throw a grand show for the whole five days on end. There are also chill zones with hammocks and relaxed beats, laser& light effects, yoga, arts, crafts, ambient colors, and most importantly, the magical spirit of the Indian Goa…

The lineup of this year’s event has already been released over the two main stages, with more artists to be announced. Some of the big DJ names in 2022 are Ace Ventura, Astrix, Blastoys, Astral Projection, and Avalon, along with many more artists you can look up at the official event's page. If you are already rolling your sleeves and considering buying a ticket, you better hurry! The Indian spirit festival is gaining a lot of popularity each year and the capacity this summer may end up being limited due to the large interest it attracts from trance fans all across Europe.




Fire Artist


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Psy-Fi (September 14 – September 18)



DJ & Crowd


Psy-Fi is returning in 2022 and everyone is excited to take part in it! This is an open-air festival based in the beautiful oasis of eastern Leeuwarden, Holland. Even though the event is growing every year to become one of the biggest psytrance festivals in Europe, the organizers of Psy-Fi have a whole different mission and vision than that… They are all about inclusivity and helping people become one with the environment, by driving the quest towards knowledge of the world, important topics such as overpopulation, and understanding the power of one’s subconscious.


This space has a lot to offer in terms of music, art, and good vibes. There are multiple dance floors that vibrate in the sound of Hitech, Forest, Psychore, Darkpsy by names such as Ace Ventura, Eat Static, Futuro, and more. Psi-Fy is all about the art and finding self-expression in kind and positive activities, which will enrich the individual person but also their environment.

The décor, visuals, performances, and artists taking part in this gathering are the main say of the theme, which makes the whole experience unmatched by the feelings it evokes in the crowd. There are also plenty of guest speakers, invited to share valuable insights in their fields in psychology, psychedelics, meditation, and the power of the mind. You can join workshops, healing ceremonies, and lectures that can really transform the way you see and perceive this reality.

If you are ready to immerse yourself in art, music, and positive vibes, this festival is right up your street! The countdown to Psi-Fy has officially begun and we’re all hyped to see the festival return in 2022…



Festival Location


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Two years have already felt like the longest halt on psytrance art and music shows but one thing is sure, the wait is nearly over! If you haven’t set your mind yet where to hop on this summer- Portugal, Croatia or the US, now it’s the time to rack your brain and check availability, travel packages, transport, and most importantly, your favorite music acts! We’re all ready to rejoice in the normality, dance, share and make the summer of 2022 one to remember!



Festival Spirit