Dennis Konstantin Bax In an Interview About Psychedelic Art and Existential Motifs


And the Rain Will Wash it Away - 2018

And the Rain will Wash it All Away - 2018


Revolutionary conceptual in the modern psychedelic art movement, Dennis Konstantin Bax brings control, chaos, punk and perfection into his fascinating multi-layered paintings. As a visual artist he does not want his work to to be perceived in a notion, but rather as an expression of change beyond the mere image. 

We interviewed him to find out more about what drives his fantastic art of the future into the exquisitely abstract forms that we see into the timeline of his creations.

How would you describe the artist Dennis Konstantin in one sentence?


Creating beauty out of chaos through complexity.


How did you start making psychedelic art?


I think it began with a deep urge to express the unfathomable beauty and interconnection of the universe around us in an artistic way. I had several mystical experiences with and without medical plants which brought me closer to an intimate connection of myself and the nature around me. The realization that everything is intertwined is the foundation of my expression. 

My dad, who is also a painter, was befriended with Salvador Dali and so psychedelic art was all around me when I was growing up. You could really say that I had no other option than to become a painter myself. The possibility to create unseen worlds with just your mind and hands just seemed too tempting not to try it.’


I feel very blessed for everything that has happened to me. 

Life is a psychedelic journey and my art is an expression of it.


No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked - 2019


Tell us more about your inspirations and if they have changed over the years?


As I mentioned before, I draw my inspiration out from the unity of things. It's hard to pick out something in particular. 

I try not to think too much when I paint. My aim is to enter the mysterious, and therefore I have to leave my known thought patterns.

Mostly, my paintings don't start with an idea but with a 'letting-go' and chaos. They only develop through my sense of aesthetics and not so much out of ideas. I like the surprise of a finished painting. Inspiration comes when there is silence in my head... That hasn't changed over the years.


Can you explain what it means to you personally, and as an artist the concept of evolution and dynamic change of matter?


Well, that is the Godmind right? 

That is all there is and ever will be. So it means everything to me.

It is the fundamental principle which should be the basis for every thought and deed. I guess the world would be a different place if more people would understand the true nature of our reality. But it seems that it is just too crazy for the most of them to grasp.

Language of Creation

Language of Creation


Do you have any other artist expressions apart from painting?


I studied interior architecture but never really worked as an architect... 


Painting took over too quickly after my diploma. But I still have a great passion for architecture and design. When I have some time on my hands, I really enjoy designing and building furniture. Unique pieces, just for myself. It is so much easier than creating paintings. 

Making a plan and just executing is really refreshing for me, away from my paintings, which can be really mind-boggling sometimes!


Who is your all-time favorite artist in the psychedelic genre and why?


I think the Godfather of this genre was Salvador Dali. He opened the doors for so many people and I think that his vision and productivity can't be topped. He had a very psychedelic phase which is unknown to the most people. 


For me psychedelic art has to go further than just using sacred geometry and rainbow colors. Something has to be conveyed beyond the mere image...something which happens in your mind, something beyond language. 


To be honest, most of today's psychedelic art doesn't talk to me very much, but there are great artists out there in all kinds of genres who are able to evoke a psychedelic feeling within the viewer.

Der Weltanhalter - 2009

Der Weltanhalter - 2009


How do you see the future ahead of you? Do you have new ideas in mind?


I would like to stay independent. Somehow I managed to live from my art for fifteen years without the help of any gallery. I love complete freedom and to have my business in my own hands. 

There are a couple of exciting projects coming up though. I just got contracted to do an Oracle Deck with my art which I dreamed of for a long time. I'm also working on another art book. 

I have also just got my second child and I plan to devote a lot of time to my children. Building strong connections to the people I love is the most important to me.


Destruction Overdrive - 2015

Destruction Overdrive - 2015


Do you believe it takes more talent or more work to be a successful artist? What is your advice to new artists?


I think you need some talent for every profession you choose. Hard work will make your talent thrive, and it is the force behind your output. But I think that a lack of talent can be compensated by a strong urge to express something. 

The most important thing is to create a truthful inner voice. 

There are so many influences telling us how to be and what to think. Discover your own way to see the world by always questioning everything. 

Explore, Grow, Love! Once the voice is there, just listen to it.

Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark - 2020

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty - 2016



Visit Dennis Konstantin's official page to find out more about his recent and upcoming shows: HERE