psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

Hakan Hısım's art is deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of being. Esoteric imagery is a constant recurring pattern throughout his work. His art shows an awe of the natural world, and its beautiful contrast with the alien, transpersonal nature of mystical experiences. His often use of bold color schemes are used to accentuate this intrinsic contrast of micro and macro, of the familiar and the alien. Striving to best express themes of Enlightenment, transcendence and similar mystical states, he has adopted the digital medium to create his art. He believes that digital creation; the act of painting with light and electricity is the purest form of painting that is currently possible. Removing oneself from the limitations of physical matter; the paint, pigment and canvas, catalyzes experimental creative freedom and propels the artist into unique realms of creativity.

– What does visionary art mean to you?

Visionary art is an art movement that attempts to translate non-ordinary, transcendental states of being, manifesting "Ineffible" experiences into visual representations, which are easier to understand and comprehend with Visonary Art. It is a tool that can be used to bring back "gems" from inner space.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

– How did you first get in touch with art?

My mother is an incredibly creative person that worked with fashion design to traditional, surreal and abstract art on canvas. She would prepare a small canvas and paint for me whenever she would sit down to paint, and I would sit with her and continously paint and draw as a child. I grew up with art books everywhere. My father was a huge fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, so I had alot of interesting and strange imagery around the house to inspire me. As I grew older I was deeply involved with Tabletop roleplaying games and card games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Nephilim, The World of Darkness (Mage, Vampire, Werewolf) Cyberpunk 2020, and of course, Magic: The Gathering. The art in these games and literature deeply inspired me to create my own worlds and strange imagery. Eventually I discovered the surrealists, Dali and then on to Ernst Fuchs which led me to pursue and study traditional art in school and eventually create my life from it.

– Who or what was the biggest impact or inspiration in the evolution of your art?

Its hard to say who was the biggest impact, as there have been periods of my evolution where I would discover an artist and become infatuated by his or her style, learn what I can and then evolve further. The art I make now, is very different from what I used to create 15 years ago, and there are a couple of very deep and profound reasons for this. The first would be my first excursion into the tryptamine realm, with DMT. The tryptamine trance mesmerized and entranced me visually like nothing had in my life, It was something so unlike ordinary reality it kept enticing me to interpret its intricacies and manifest them in our everyday reality. The second reason would be discover the existence and the art of Alex Grey.To see that another human could capture the experience in such magnificent detail inspired me deeply, and this set me on a course that would eventually change my life, through my art that would change radically over the next 10 years.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

– Is this a passionate side-activity in your life or can you make a living out of it?

Art is my entire life, I cannot survive without making art, it keeps me balanced and sane. After sticking with my passion and conviction I eventually transformed my passion into my whole source of income. I have been living off my art entirely since 2014 with no other need to earn income besides what my art provides. Before 2014 for several years I was in a transition period earning both income from my art and my day job. For years I used to work in VFX post production companies and also as Art Director in several advertising agencies. Working in Advertising was one of the biggest reasons I stopped working for companies and decided to only make art for a living.

- Do you have any hobbies / side-activities that add to your art? Or influence your life in a totally different way somehow?

Alchemy. as a practice of transforming the self, and the transformation of other materials such as producing my own Orgonite, not your standard everyday orgonite but high frequency, powerful devices with rare elements. I read a lot, on many different subjects but mainly very deep research into Alchemy, occultism, and esoteric studies delving into the nature of reality and the origins of the spirit. I meditate daily which infuses my life with more clarity, innerstanding and balanced stance on everyday reality.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

– Where are you from and where do you live today? How would you describe the presence of visionary art in your area?

I grew up in both Sydney, Australia, and Istanbul, Turkey utilizing both of what the east and west had to offer. I currently live on the Aegean coast of Turkey, close to the sea and nature. Visionary Art in Turkey is almost non-existent. I know of a few artist who create psychedelic art in Turkey but only as a hobby. Turkey is a developing country with many economic and cultural hurdles to overcome, so art is generally not even considered in Turkey, let alone Visionary Art. Amongst all this, I have massive respect for Visionary Artist, Erol Deneç who is probably the very first Visionary Artist of Turkey, who studied with Ernst Fuchs and is a visionary beyond his years and time.

– Where do you think visionary art flourishes the most nowadays?

The Internet. The Internet is a great place to share experiences, ideas and express oneself. It allows for artists like me who live in countries which do not even consider art as a higher calling to expand and open up into the world, it is a realm that is slowly breaking the boundaries set hundreds and thousands of years ago by ruling elite families and monarchies that divided as they conqured.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

– What are your dream conditions for creating art?

Close to nature, high speed internet in a studio constructed with fractal architecture and the golden mean, close to family. That being said, dream conditions change and may never come to be as life is in a continous state of flux and evolution. Good art needs both serenity and adversity at times to be created, acid and alkaline, it is in the balance of both that holds the dream conditions of creating art.

– How would you describe the message of your art?

I dont know if my art has a message, it is my collective reports and experiences gathered from various realms.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim

– What's your "thing" about psychedelic festivals?

Psychedelic festivals are interesting. I find that they are great for connecting with amazing and creative individuals, they certainly are a feast for the senses. I do find the experience somewhat repetitive at times as I used to do a lot of main stage VJ visuals in the past but have found the experience to be too tiring and not worth the effort lately. I prefer live painting or creating Audiovisual installations. Festivals are really a mixed bag, filled with wonder and magic but also lined with hypocrisy and extreme hedonism. They are constantly evolving and my hope is that one day they will much more balanced and constructive events.

– Any recommendations, suggestions to your fellow upcoming artists?

Do not give up. Ever. No matter what darkness you may face, stay unmovable and keep your passion alive, sooner or later it always pays off. This is cosmic law, trust in your higher self :)

– Anything you would like to add about yourself or your art?

Thank you for conducting this interview, I hope it reaches a spirit on their path filled with obstacles to overcome, seeing now that on the other side, prizes really do await for the patiently passionate artist.

psychedelic visionary art hakan hisim