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Our Brand, Sol - Seed Of Life

SOL – Seed of Life
Psychedelic Fashion

Unique, original screen-printed psychedelic designs on clothing and accessories.

SOL – Seed of Life represents our personal view and message to both the world as a whole and to fans of psychedelia in particular.

Our clothes speak for themselves; just take a look at our new website,

We offer a unique range of alternative daywear with psychedelic themes, such as t-shirts, tank tops, micro-fiber vests, hoodies, tops, tunic dresses, sack bags, side bags, messenger bags, monk bags, and cushion covers. Our products come in a variety of design themes – Mexica, OctiDot, Peyote, Sikuli – and all have UV reactive colors.

Our goal is to distance ourselves from commercial clothing and to give people an alternative that helps them express their true natures while still feeling comfortable.We invest all our passion and energy into making designs, printing them, and delivering them.

Our mission is to transmit a rich and unique array of psychedelic motifs, to extract every drop of inspiration, and to turn it into shapes, lines, and geometric drawings.

The items in our online shop,, are made by our designer, Ness Cohen, who puts all of his passion, feelings, words, thoughts, and experiences into creating, sketching, and designing the apparel.

Every seed of inspiration takes shape in the form of small details, which come to life through hard work. Each design is hand drawn, then vectored using Adobe Illustrator. The designs are carefully printed on silk screens to create high-quality garments that last for a long time. All of our t-shirts, hoodies, hood vests, tunic dresses, bags, back bags, and cushion covers are silk-screen printed.

We have lots of new designs coming out soon, so stay up to date by visiting!