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Guest Artist: Geoglyphiks

"Art is a tool for transformation, on both a personal and planetary level. We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, and connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. From the Lascaux cave paintings, to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, to current-day infographics, it has ever been the role of the arts to preserve and promote knowledge.

In my art, I work with visions of a harmonious, ecologically thriving world and Awakened states of being, in the hope that viewers of my work will joyfully manifest these states of being in their own lives. A truly open Internet makes it possible to share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through the arts, and to that end I tag my own with links to the information that inspires it.

I draw inspiration from a variety of related subjects, including meditation & Yoga, martial artistry, lucid dreaming, comparative mythology, culture jamming, and permaculture. Through these practices, I find the empowered center where creativity surges."

George Atherton aka Geoglyphiks





 Yin Salutation


 Blooming Dragonheart


 We Choose Paradise


 Galactik Ganesh


 Yab Yum Yantra




 Tantric Marriage


 Reverse Warrior


 Tantric Dance