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STVinMOTION >>> Visual Art

STVinMOTION is creating and distributing Visual Content for those big display screens you see in EDM clubs & festivals.

Their visual content is played by VJ's, whose job is to create a live video mix that adds another dimension to the music played by the DJs.

What's unique in STVinMOTION is that, in a scene dominated by mostly abstract visuals (of shapes & colors), they strive to make the visuals tell a story - by using more of a cinematic approach and the use of defining themes, for example:


The future of Tribal Art - in FUTURE TRIBE


Alternate world of Retro-futurism - in STEAMPUNK VISION 


Cyborgs among us - in CYBORGASM 


Cyborg's sexuality - in TEASE ME 


The result is a Visual Style that is, in the same time, Appealing and mind boggling, evoking feelings and questions that continue to arise, long after the party is over...

Dive deeper into STVinMOTION's Visual Art Experience on their website: