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Psychedelic Art Collaborations
Artist collaborations have become a growing trend in the psychedelic visual art world of late. Collaboration in visual art is nothing new, mind you. Warhol and Basquiat in the 80s and Dali and Luis Bunuel as far back as the 1920s are two famous collaborations that spring to mind. 

In a sense, collaborative visual art is, as Keith haring once said, "a physical conversation happening in paint instead of words". Today's psychedelic artists are conversing in realms of inner meditative thoughts and hallucinatory experiences.
The bringing together of visual artists at psychedelic music festivals such as Symbiosis, Gem and Jam, Great North Festival and Enchanted Forest Gathering has created a perfect environment for psychedelic painters to share ideas and inspire one another to greater things. 


With a background of hypnotic beats provided by a global collective of trance, bass and tribal musicians, artists take up their brushes together to feverishly paint throughout the night, surrounded by the lush canopy of nature. A cascade of creativity, then unfolds.
Many festival goers are welcome to watch the artists as they channel their ideas onto the canvas. So elaborately detailed are the works of art, that some party goers find the painters' displays more entertaining than the music on offer. 
The rewards for artists attending such festivals are significant. Instant promotion on social media, opportunities to learn from others and a space to sell their original creations and merchandise are just a few of the reasons such collaborative events have seen such growth in recent times. There is also the sense of community, friendship and support. Once complete, new artwork is often soon available online as prints or clothing through sights such as redbubble, Society6, DesignByHumans, BigCartel, Threyda and Nomad Wear.
Artists need to be careful before exploring the world of collaborative art. It's not for everyone. Many would argue that pure creativity requires solitude to allow an artist's genuine expression of a moment. So if you are a gifted artist, but a bit of a recluse, it might not be for you. While being around others can stimulate creativity it also can hinder it if the working relationship is not balanced. 

Each artist needs to provide positive feedback. If one artist it too critical it can create tension with the group and others may feel demoralized and lose their desire to continue. At the same time a collaborative artist needs to be able to accept ideas and suggestions from others. You need to put your ego aside for a moment.

Below are some examples of the kind of art currently being created by psychedelic visual artists on the festival circuit. From their brushes photons collide in dazzling, swirling organic mind-scapes, proving the point that many hands do indeed make light work.
1. Creation Nexus - Fabian Jimenez and Laura Borealisis


2. Dimensional Rift - Brian Scott Hampton and Eric Howard


3. Duality by Loius Dyer and Zoe Gentz 


4. Enchanted - Randal Roberts, Derek Heinemann, Jonathan Solter, Dela Artist and Seth McMahon


5. Euphoria - Peter Westermann and Brian Scott Hampton 


6.  Infinite Perspective - Stephen Kruse and Jade Amazon


7. Insight - Jennifer Michelle Long and Matthew DeGrado 


 8. Intergalactic Threshold - Olivia Curry and Fabian Jimenez


9. Meditation - Android Jones and Anson Phong 


10. Momentum - Oliver Vernon and Mars 1 

11.Untitled - Erik Seyster, Seth McMahon, Mark Henson, Derek Heinemann and Gabriel Welch 


12. Nirvana - Ron Frisby and Janelle Mckain



13. Psychic Weather -  Mars-1 and Alex Grey 


14. Spirit Rising - Fabian Jimenez and Simon Haiduk


15. Sunrise - Randal Roberts and Morgan Mandala 



Source: PsyAmb