Introducing the Spectacular Melbourne-born Visionary Artist Cameron Gray

A prayer for the earth



These days one can rarely see a talent such as that of the emerging artist Cameron Gray, whose ability to draw the finest details exceeds every person’s imagination. The visionary’s artworks are multi-layered with concepts derived from the scenes of reenacted human potential.  There is also a range of angles in perspectives, projected from the scientifically curious mind of an artist, whose artistic drivers lean strongly towards celestial visions within the context of divinity and universal peace.

 His journey to become the graphic artist that we can witness today took him 17 years and many studious hours into learning the intricacies of visual graphic design. Cameron has won multiple national recognitions and awards for his work on graphic art projects, photography, experimental designs, and collaborative projects with other artists in the music genre such as Dead Letter Circus and Warner Music Australia. He is also is interested in underground art, bringing him to another one of his passions to collate artworks and literature from the genre in a magazine under his own label Parable Visions.

But there’s a lot more to the curious inkling of Gray towards understanding various concepts and creating an illustration with a copious amount of detail. There’s genuineness and purity in his intention to understand the human creation and transfer this on a blank canvas in his unique cosmic signature style.




Who is Cameron Gray?


I'm an Australian artist from the city of Melbourne, I started my journey as an artist in 2001 when a teacher handed me a very primitive digital camera that used to take photos onto floppy disks, I began exploring the world around me documenting it in photos. Then, I was introduced to an early version of Photoshop where rather than just re-touching the photos I became interested in manipulating them and blending them together to create entirely new images!






...My teachers noticed this and encouraged that I continue exploring my creative ideas and so I began learning about digital art.

Later, our school teacher took us to a digital art exhibition that was visiting the local gallery where I got to see some of the world’s best digital art on display. I instantly fell in love with the medium! From that moment on, I knew this was what I wanted to do.



What makes your style in visual art different from fellow illustrators in the genre?


I think my work explores various genres and styles that all come together to create what people see in my work. I explore many themes such as human consciousness, zen Buddhism, love, the Universe and I also explore a lot of human psychology themes and philosophical ideas. I don't really see myself tied to a single genre so I often feel freer to explore multiple styles, but I think they all tie together with a particular feel of my art. 


Connected to Source




Which are the biggest drivers to paint and create new pieces?


I just always have a desire to be creating something.

I love the process of exploring ideas, developing concepts, and then solving the creative puzzle of realizing that idea or vision as an artwork. I'm fascinated with learning, and the more I learn the more I start to understand concepts that I didn't know before, which then makes me want to learn more and explore more ideas.


Art is a way for my brain to make sense of the world, but it also acts as a sort of meditation as well. The process of watching an artwork come to life from an idea is really exciting to me.


Awake could be so beautiful



You are a versatile artist looking to depict human potential in mystical scenes. Can you tell us a little bit about some of your concepts?


I think a lot of the concepts I explore. They tend to lean towards self-growth, discovery, and unlocking aspects of our consciousness to become the best versions of ourselves!


 I'm constantly learning about the brain & the body, peak performance, productivity, nutrition, optimization, and self-development. So I find a lot of these ideas form the seeds in many of my works, but then they tie in with my fascination for trying to find my place in the universe as well as trying to understand people and the world around me. 


Perhaps the dreams are of Soulmates



How is your work changing and evolving?


For the first 10 years of my career, my art was extremely dark, many of those early pieces are now hard to find. Back then I did most of my work in the horror industry, but after a life-changing experience in 2010, I felt like a completely re-born person into the world

I came back with a whole new perspective on life.


After that, my art just naturally began reflecting that change. I find nowadays that my work continually evolves through a variation of developing new skills, constantly working on how I can improve each aspect of myself and the art, and exploring more concepts and ideas about subjects that interest me. 



What kind of techniques do you use to create digital art?


I use quite a lot of techniques! Back when I was first learning digital art and there were no YouTube, Udemy, or Skillshare. I remember there were many long late nights of studying my favorite artists (not just digital), experimenting, self-critiquing, and repeating the process all over again to build up my skills. Because of that, I learned many mediums such as traditional painting, drawing, sculpture, photo media, 3D modeling, digital painting, photo manipulation, etc. These all sort of came together now to form the artworks, which I create, and I have been creating for some time.


Shoulders and Giants




How do you see the future ahead of you?


For me, life is a journey to be explored and enjoyed. This is why my focus is on always learning something new, continually growing as an artist and a person, and developing my skills and ideas constantly!

I am also being grateful for each day and as I embrace my curiosity about the universe and everything that makes up life.


What advice can you send to our readers about finding their own inspiration and signature in digital art?


Experiment, explore, study, and learn to self-critique your work.


Whenever you create something new, ask yourself what are the things you really love about that piece, and what you can do to improve.


Once you nail that, then focus on the process, let the artwork develop, and reveal itself to you rather than trying to force it. If you just focus on the process and not the end result, then more often than not, you'll be very pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish.

And remember to enjoy yourself, art should be something you look forward to doing, find what you love to create, and then back yourself in and create it as best you can. Embrace the process.


Sacrament for the Sacred Dreamers



To find out more about his inspiration and artistic pieces: CLICK HERE.



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